Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ugly Fabric Purge

My mother keeps on getting fabric from her her sister-in-law who gets it from who knows who and then passes it on to me. I keep on saying yes but this year I have started saying no to the uglies. However I can not get rid of the above , I have a compulsion to use it and  I can not abide waste. Therefore I am going to muslin the above patterns which I have never used. Two birds with one stone - get rid of my ugly fabric and use these patterns that I have bought and never used. Once I have sewn the above I will be pretty happy with my remaining stash. I expect I may only actually end up wearing 2 of the above projects.
I have already cut out Style 3741 - the pleated jacket - I got this pattern back in the 80s and am only just using it ! My mother made one of these and I used to occasionally wear it but it was way too big - so I got the pattern in my size and then it has just sat there. I am using a butter yellow textured something and lining it with some beige poplin.  .
The next fabric is a purple and orange and maroon knit with gold sparkles - the photo does not do justice to the ugliness - I will muslin the Issy Miyake skirt - test the length and whether or not I can away without inserting a zipper . I bought this pattern many years ago on the strength of the positive PR reviews and again it has just sat there. I even paid an extravagant $11.00 for this ( on sale ) . If successful I will have to  buy fabric as there is nothing appropriate in the stash.
The next fabric is a rainbow striped cotton twill - the fabric is good in itself but I am not going to any dress as a clown events anytime soon. I will muslin the Butterick pull on pants - if they look decent I have some dark grey subtle herringbone fabric which will  be good for work.
Last but not least for ugliness is the royal blue crepe - again quite good quality fabric . It is actually not that ugly but it reminds me of the 80s and early 90s and isn`t really a popular colour anymore ( I think ) . I will muslin the popular Simplicity Jacket . ( I was given 4metres of this wide material and have already make a skirt and sleeveless dress - I wore the dress to work and someone said I looked like an air hostess ! Haven`t worn the dress again - not that there is anything wrong with being an air hostess - they work hard and I don`t envy their job at all  )
I hope I am not wasting my time too much but I will be glad to get this material out of my sewing room.
Cheers Janine

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Unidentical Twin Skirts

This is Kwik Sew 3364. I have just finished the grey ( winter ) version this long Easter weekend but the floral ( summer ) version was sewn last year in December. I LOVE THIS SKIRT - hence why I have made now 3 versions of this.

The grey above is a light weight wool blend fully lined.I found this at the opshop for only 10cents !!  The floral version is a stretch cotton.I bought this from Ebay but the print was larger than expected but I love the colours.  Both wovens ended up successfully with nice flippy sides.
The grey skirt will be a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe as I only have about 12 winter weight `bottoms` ( so to speak ) to wear for work. Grey is such a versatile colour - it will go with all of my winter tops. I used a couple of newer techniques for me -I usually make a casing and then insert the elastic for the waist which sometimes ( OK - alot ) ends up with twisted elastic which is annoying. Kwik Sew has you stitch the elastic ends together and then fold the waist over this - much better end result. I also used my blindhem stitch which I probably don`t use as much as I should. I used my overlocker to roll hem the edge of the lining which I have only done 3 times before. Its good to practice these.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. Cheers Janine   ( By the way that is my lovely dog Toby - a pomerian cross mystery dog. We got him from the pound - everyone calls him a girl because of that fluffy tail/bottom - but he doesnt mind. )

Monday, 18 April 2011

My Mother's Birthday Present

I have finally finished sewing this outfit for my mother with the exception of inserting the elastic since I have to measure her waist . I sewed Butterick jacket 4142 and Kwik Sew skirt 3364 out of a light weight crinkly fabric- a bit like cheesecloth but more substantial. The colour is a dark green/olive.
Just recently the health department of Australia wants to introduce plain packaged cigarettes - no logos at all on them - but with the gory pictures of all the terrible things cigarettes can do to you. They decided that the least desirable colour for the packaging was a dark olive green - hmmm - I `m not sure what this says about my choice of colour for this outfit but I know it suits my mother`s autumn colouring and she can add a pretty top to wear with this. The fabric was only $2.50 for 3.5 metres from the opshop  and it does feel very soft.
The Butterick pattern is OOP - dated 2004 and this was easy to sew. I did like the slit in the back and the mandarin collar but again I`m not sure if this is something that a certain deceased asian communist leader might have worn. Oh well. I know my Mum will like this.
The skirt pattern is Kwik Sew 3364 and I love this pattern . I have had this in my collection for a few years and until late last year I had never used the pattern - this is now the second time with the third one cut out ! I have now made this skirt in a bright summery stretch cotton, the above light weight green and the new one is cut out of a light weight grey wool blend. I really do recommend this pattern.
Well I am glad this is finished  in time and now I am off to sew a little bit more of my next skirt.
Cheers Janine

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A little ( maxi) black ( patterned ) dress .

Well . a second posting . Miracles never cease around here. Another miracle getting my daughter in the dress and whats more my husband took the shot. I had promised my daughter it would be headless - she is a bit embarrassed. Anyway when I came home from walking the dog I was TOUCHED ALOT that they had thoughtfully done this just for me .
My eldest DD is attending a deb as a viewer /supporter and wanted me to sew her dress from material she had chosen last year from Ebay- there you go , another miracle ! She chose the above pattern McCAlls 6110.
I did like this pattern - the finishing inside is very good - it is lined and matches up very well. Can I tell how fastidious I was in making this dress . However when DD tried it on it was huge - and she did not like it ! So some quick and dirty stitching down ( sob sob - did I tell how beautifully I made this dress ) of the waist band and she was happy. 2 weeks later this quick fix ( which no-one will notice or know about except us ) doesn`t bother me but it did at the time. And she will wear the dress and does seem to love it - so that is the main thing. So if anyone ever reads this and wants to make this dress then make a size a few sizes down that you are used to.

In other sewy news I have finished my mothers skirt and am about to start on her casual jacket/ overblouse to match. I am very pleased with the skirt - the lining did make a big difference to this rather soft material but I dont think the blouse will need this.
Cheers Janine.