Saturday, 30 July 2011

Style 3949 complete and going public.

Today I decided to be brave and show my face ( although after seeing the one photo my DH took perhaps I shouldn`t have ) . I have wondered if anyone doing these blogs have had any problems ( apart from those negative anonymous comments ) with going public. Lets face it having a sewing blog is something only a sewer ( that term cracks me up ) can really understand and others may find um different. Just as I can not always understand various peoples interests ( one example my husband really wants to make a methane digester) . Meanwhile I  completed the Style jumper a little while ago and it was just was the doctor ordered - quick, easy and no problems- after the angst of my Simplicity jacket. The only issue was one of juggling fabric and pattern to fit. This top has the sleeve and side front and back all in one piece making it fabric hungry .It also has a ginormous collar piece.  This fabric was given to me by my Mum who got it from her neighbour who got it from someone else who sews nightwear etc for some boutique in Melbourne ( I`ll say yes to just about any fabric !) . So this fabric was not in one piece but did have very large scraps. In the end I had to cut the collar in 2 pieces and cut the sleeve part in 2 pieces - I don`t think this is too noticeable.
This old Style pattern suggested light weight wovens but I used this plush reddish maroon knit. If  I make it again I would make it longer in the torso but otherwise it passed the fashion police ( my 3 DDs ) and I wore it today while doing the early morning Saturday netball run . For an old pattern I think it is OK as several new release patterns have similar features of the large rolled collar and gathers at the front. It was definitely warm and comfortable. Anyway Cheers for now. Janine

Friday, 15 July 2011

Punding - not a dirty word ( and the relationship to sewing )

eI was reading an article recently and came across the word punding. I didn`t know the meaning and so looked this up and found the definition to be repetitive useless actions. This led me to thinking about sewing and why I love it. You see I think that probably alot of what I do is punding - gardening. dishes, ironing  , paperwork - all incredibly repetitive but I suppose not totally useless. You do all these things and then not 5 minutes later there are more dishes in the sink and you turn around and all those weeds have snuck back up.
However, it doesn`t matter how long I leave a garment on my sewing table for it doesnt change. I don`t have to keep on sewing seams that have come mysteriously undone or recutting the same pattern over and over  etc so eventually you end up with something hopefully beautiful and /or useful. Hmm not sure this makes sense. Anyway , it has been incredibly cold here even by Victorian standards and after all the hassles of my blue jacket ( that did end well ) I have picked out an easy pattern next.
This is another older style pattern since I enjoyed sewing my recent style jacket so much.The material is a thick plush reddish/maroon knit and I am making the top above -it has a gathered front and rolled draped collar .I had really wanted to make a butterick dress 5523 with a similar collar but Spotlight did not have my size available so until then this is my substitute pattern. I am looking forward to this since this week has a been a case of living to work rather than working to live. I most definitely think if you are able work/life balance is VERY important.
Cheers Janine.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Simplicity 4698- Finally done!

I am sooo happy to be finished. I started sewing this jacket in early June and I have had a feeling it just wasn`t meant to be. First of all I did a big oops on the collar but rectified this. Then after coming back from a one weeks holiday ( On a houseboat on the Murray River - highly recommended -very relaxing ) and having sewing withdrawals I launched into sewing the 2 piece arms but made 2 left arms - umm I only have one left arm - after hongkong finishing all those seams . ( With this material there are  no wrong and right sides - it looks exactly same ) . Argghhh - I did a quick unpick which means one arm now has the ugly side of the hongkong finishing `showing`.
Then as I was binding the armholes I broke a needle - at that point when my middle DD came into my sewing room I blurted out `Do you want a blue jacket ?` and she said Yes ! Perhaps I can borrow it sometimes.
I do love this jacket - it is a darling and I will sew it again but with the retrospectoscope it would be much quicker to line this jacket fully or use fabric which doesn`t fray so much.It is a very close fitting jacket as well but otherwise I would recommend this to anyone who has this in their stash unmade. It is a pity it is OOP because  it is so classic  I am very glad that I finally tried out this pattern. 
Anyway looking forward to my next ( much quicker ) project. Cheers Janine.