Friday, 15 July 2011

Punding - not a dirty word ( and the relationship to sewing )

eI was reading an article recently and came across the word punding. I didn`t know the meaning and so looked this up and found the definition to be repetitive useless actions. This led me to thinking about sewing and why I love it. You see I think that probably alot of what I do is punding - gardening. dishes, ironing  , paperwork - all incredibly repetitive but I suppose not totally useless. You do all these things and then not 5 minutes later there are more dishes in the sink and you turn around and all those weeds have snuck back up.
However, it doesn`t matter how long I leave a garment on my sewing table for it doesnt change. I don`t have to keep on sewing seams that have come mysteriously undone or recutting the same pattern over and over  etc so eventually you end up with something hopefully beautiful and /or useful. Hmm not sure this makes sense. Anyway , it has been incredibly cold here even by Victorian standards and after all the hassles of my blue jacket ( that did end well ) I have picked out an easy pattern next.
This is another older style pattern since I enjoyed sewing my recent style jacket so much.The material is a thick plush reddish/maroon knit and I am making the top above -it has a gathered front and rolled draped collar .I had really wanted to make a butterick dress 5523 with a similar collar but Spotlight did not have my size available so until then this is my substitute pattern. I am looking forward to this since this week has a been a case of living to work rather than working to live. I most definitely think if you are able work/life balance is VERY important.
Cheers Janine.


  1. What a great word. Housework must be about 90% punding. I find one of the nicest things about sewing to be the feeling I have actually achieved something - even if it is "oh yes, this week I sewed a pair of kid's trackie daks".
    Your fabric looks beautifully warm and cosy, and as if it will make a gorgeous top.

  2. Oh dear, I would never describe housework as "punding"! I'm sure your new top will be a wonderfully cheery colour to wear during winter.

  3. I can see what you mean about housework being 'punding' although I think it's an ever changing thing. Repetitive yet different. Your fabric is a great colout and looks like it will be very warm.


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