Friday, 24 June 2011

Simplicity 4698= A wadder saved .

I was really enjoying sewing this jacket . The shell came together nicely and fitted well. So I progressed to the semi-lining and collar. I thought this is a really weird collar and then it hit ! I had really oopsed . I was almost ready to throw this away  and then was inspired by LisaLaree of SewRandom who goes to all lengths to avoid wadders. After one hour of unpicking and sewing I saved this jacket . I was so pleased that I have proceeded to HongKong finish all the exposed seams . All I have left now are the sleeves, hems , buttons and buttonholes. I may even do bound button holes as this jacket only has 3 buttons ( no promises though ! )

Monday, 13 June 2011

Style Jacket styled.

Here is a promised photo of my Style Jacket worn with my only yellow top although I do really love certain variations of this colour. It does match the colour of our mudbricks though !See you later. Janine

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Simplicity 4349-a different kind of evening wear.

When the designers of simplicity created this pattern what they had in mind was glamorous evening wear - fur, satin, brocade capes, scarves and bags. When I saw this pattern I thought of my large scrap of polar fleece and a different kind of evening wear ! I have certainly downgraded  Simplicity 4349. This is the dirtiest and quickest piece of sewing ever. I did not finish any seams . The only trouble I took was to tear off a small piece of stabilizer and use this making the button hole. However if success can be measured by the wearings then this is a hit. I have worn it  every night since sewing it . It is warm, soft, lightweight and not restricting. Perfect for reading in bed at night  . I said to my husband is this the daggiest thing I have ever sewn and he nodded yes bravely . So there you go I have reached the pit of daggidom. My sewing and this blog can only go upwards now. Cheers Janine

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

An interruption to the scheduled programme.

We have been having a real winter here for the first time in ages. We only have one wood heater for the living areas so it gets pretty cold in the bedrooms. I had  sizeable leftover pieces of soft fluffy polar fleeces from dressing gowns for 2 of my DDs back from 2008. Simplicity  4349 has a pattern for various capes and I thought this will make a good `bed jacket`. So I am taking a break from my blue simplicity jacket and going to make this instead . Now off to vacuum the floor - boy does this fleece  make a mess. Cheers Janine.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Everlasting Fabric.

I managed to cut out the Simplicity Jacket which was a marathon ( which is why cutting out is my least favourite sewing job ) .
This royal blue crepe just keeps on going and going ! So far I have sewn a dress - Simplicity 2896 a sleeveless . yoked A line dress and also Kwik Sew 3287  a skirt with little flippy sides and now cut out the above jacket. And still I have a large chunk left !
This jacket patterns calls for 70cm of fabric for this kind of strange incomplete lining - I do not think I have seen a back lining like this . I managed to get all the  2 lining pieces out of a small scrap of polyester satin left over from some PJs ! Which just goes to show that those scraps which sometimes cause angst really are  very useful ( even if  it is many many years later ) .

I also completed my vogue Issey Miyake skirt but yet again there will not be a photo . I did not finish the waist , seams and hems as it really was only a quick and dirty muslin ( and boy was it a quick skirt pattern ) . I am happy to report that you definitely do not need to add a zipper to this knit skirt. I didnt really think this was the case but I did not want to question Vogue who undeniably have much more knowledge and experience in these matters. Also this skirt definitely reaches my ankles. I was questioning whether this look might be dated however while waiting for my daughter to have her braces removed ( yay !) I read a WHO magazine that had a fashion spread on long skirts ! It seemed like fate to read this magazine so soon after whipping up this skirt so I think I will try source some `real` fabric.
Cheers Janine

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pattern Haul. Completed Object and other mutterings.

Firstly I completed the rainbow striped cotton twill Butterick pants from the last post . However I will not post a photo to save myself public humiliation . I will say that they fit nicely  , are not too baggy , the twill is soft and thus will be a good pair of PJ pants. But I will continue to search for another pants pattern for my grey herringbone fabric which is too nice for this pattern . I have some older BWOF magazines with some good looking pants  patterns so I will try those but not for now.  Secondly I have cut out the Issey Miyake Vogue 2796 skirt so slowly my ugly fabric and pattern pile goes down. I needed the full amount of my 2metre 150cm wide material for this skirt. ( so no scraps - yay ! like other seamstresses I have a large scrap stash and sometimes wonder what to do with them ) .
Thirdly I want to show my pattern haul. Yes, just one pattern ! I really wanted Butterick 5523 - a cowl neck knit dress but Spotlight did not have my size. I have to say I am jealous of those amazing one dollar pattern sales in North America - I would probably own many more patterns if I had access to those but alas down under we do not. I  have  never bought an Its so easy pattern line from Simplicity before so I will be interested to see if there are any differences from the more expensive pattern lines . I have loved the versions I have seen of this bias cut top and I don`t own any similar patterns.
Hmmm , I think this concludes my mutterings.
Cheers Janine.