Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kwik Sew 3474 - The Spring has Sprung Top

I finally finished my Kwik Sew blouse - I have learnt how to add a Pattern Review Widget so I have done a fairly complete review if anyone is interested. This top was super thrifty to sew - I found the pattern for only 20cents and the fabric was only a couple of dollars - the most expensive part of this project was the thread which I had to buy new  . So really there was nothing to lose with this top - especially as I broke the Kwik Sew rules and cut different sizes at different lines - small at the shoulders and sleeves and side seams and large at the front .
I love the wrap front of this and the side shaping and front ties and cuffs with slits . I dislike that there is nothing keeping the upper part of the blouse together so I added press studs This is completely necessary as any movements will cause major gaping at the top and a significant case of `Hello boys` or being charged by the police with exposure. I  also understitched the facings which Kwik Sew surprisingly didn`t include in their instructions - having said that, this pattern confirms that I do love Kwik Sew patterns .
I wasn`t completely happy with my upper press stud - it is tending to show so I will wear this with a brooch. Next time I make this I think I will add a button .
I have some lovely soft gold paisley embossed silk look fabric and I am debating making an evening version of this above pattern but I am just not sure yet.
Anyway spring has definitely sprung here - we have a new born lamb with hopefully a couple more to come and our chooks are laying 10 eggs a day and the wattles and native jasmine are blooming ( and I am sneezing !) . It is lovely here at the moment. Until next time ( another top on the way!) cheers Janine.


  1. Very pretty blouse! I love that cute flower print fabric. I am interested that you broke the Kwik Sew rules and moved from one size line to another. The fact that they sternly tell you not to do this puts me off their patterns because I always have to transit through several sizes and the BIg 4 pattern companies make it easy to do.

  2. Your blouse turned out lovely. I really like the split cuff. Except for the allergies, spring where you live sounds awesome.

  3. Lovely blouse, I like the cuff detail too.
    We had spring on Sunday, but today is winter again. Hopefully there is time to make a few more warm things on my winter list.

  4. I followed their rules and had a failure with this pattern two years ago. I need to do exactly what you did and maybe next time it would work for me. Yours turned out wonderfully!

  5. Lovely blouse! I didn't know there were any rules to be broken. I thought you were supposed to move through the sizes to get a good fit. Anyway rules are meant to be broken, aren't they?

  6. Your blouse turned out lovely, but it is hardly breaking the rules to cut between the sizes, how else can one get a good fit ?!
    Thank you for your comment, and I bought the silk jersey form fabulous Fabrics, a store here in Western Australia. It is my favourite shop, for some mysterious reason...


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