Saturday, 24 September 2011

Butterick Dress 5523 - Miaow .

Presenting Butterick 5523 - a knit dress pattern .I used an animal print knit -jaguar I believe, purchased from an Australian Ebayer. This is my attempt to try different clothing choices from my  usual fare - it seems to have passed the family fashion police test which is always a good start - I really do need all the help I can get .
This pattern is very very easy - I could have finished this in one day . The  busy print covers the features of this pattern which are an above waist closely fitted  bodice with pleats in both back and front skirt portions and small pleats in the sleeves where they meet the shoulder seams. It also has a large rolled collar .  The only reason I didn`t finish this in one day was to change my overlocker threads - not really hard when you get down to it but always seems a good reason to procrastinate !
I made two changes to the pattern - I lengthened the skirt portions by a good 12cm or a few inches - my legs are not up to above knee styles anymore . I also lengthened the sleeves but since this was such a quick tissue fit I didn`t allow enough for seams here - this actually ended up being fortuituous because I was forced to use fold over elastic to finish the sleeves and I like this look. One really good aspect of this dress is that it seems to conceal a bit of a tummy ( I may well be deluding myself here though )and is figure flattering .  Overall I love this pattern and am glad that I am experimenting a little - this will not be my last animal print outfit ( only because there is enough fabric left over to make a top ) .
Cheers Janine
PS- Very excited - my next project is to assist my eldest DD to make a skirt during the holidays  - the Vogue Issey Mikaye maxi skirt I muslined earlier this year. Fabric has been chosen and cut out with some small design changes she thought of herself.


  1. Your dress is certainly very cool and so stylish, I love the front bodice and that neckline. I love how you've styled it here with black boots. And animal print is so NOW!

  2. Very up to date and smart. I love the neckline too.

  3. Hi Janine:

    Great job on our B5523 dress. Meow! Great and sassy fabric. May we use your photo and link to your blog on our facebook page: Please email me your reply at Thanks. Valery

  4. I made that same dress at the end of our winter season back in March, but it got warm and I didn't get to wear it. But it's hanging in my closet waiting for just a bit more chill in the air and them I'll wear it. Yours is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my blog too.


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