Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sewing Curved Pockets.

I have been sewing the dress  Burda 7808 which I sewed in January this year. I was very impressed with the comfort of this dress during really horrible hot days and wanted to have another one as one dress like this is not enough for our Australian summers ( although why I am sewing it now when the hot weather is a long way off I really do not know ! )

 I am sewing the version with a collar, contrast front inset and adding the pockets. The pockets are curved with some slight gathering at the top. The instructions say to fold over the seam allowance of the pocket and baste. This is not so easy when the pocket is curved. Years ago I read this so simple tip to help with sewing curved edges. I have simply sewn a large gathering stitch around the edges of the pocket within the seam allowance. The threads are pulled gently gathering the pockets. The gathers are then adjusted to form a nice curved pocket. When you are happy , pin in place and then give the pocket a good iron. So easy and simple. I do wish the pattern companies would add in these extra little steps to help us sew better .
Cheers Janine.


  1. That is a really simple but logically perfect way to sew curved pockets. It eliminates the need for a template.
    I hope your next dress is what you want. Sounds like your well onto a great summer dress.

  2. Plan now with the dress as winter is all but over for us! Love the tip for the pockets, and like you said tips like this should be included in the pattern instructions...looking forward to seeing this one finished...

  3. Ah nice tip! I would have probably done it by ironing it around a cardboard cutout of the shape, but doing this gathering stitch as well would make it much simpler and neater. (And probably minimise burnt fingers!)


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