Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shirts for Everyone ( Except Me ) New Look 6647 and Kwik Sew 3422.

My sewing groove is back and  the bad news is that I have been sewing shirts . For everyone except me.
First up  a blouse for  middle DD . I used New Look 6647.
This is a really sweet pattern with a bib inset front - either pintucked or plain with a variety of sleeves. There are waist darts front and back and the blouse flares out at the waist to hips.
My daughter chose the plain bib front and the short sleeves. The sleeves are slightly gathered at the bottom only and finished with a bias band . This makes a lovely sleeve which is not overly pouffy .
We used a soft navy with pink floral charmeuse which she chose out on holidays last year .
This blouse came together really well - it was one of those projects where everything turns out right.
I have made the blouse once before for myself so I knew there were no unexpected surprises . The only changes we made to the pattern were to take the sides in near her bust a few centrimetresI( to make up for a lack of bust darts I suppose ) . I would highly recommend this pattern .
New Look 6647,  floral fabric and lovely vintage mother of pearl buttons . 
Yay a modelled shot ! 

Closer picture of the bib front. 

Next up is a shirt for my husband. I have been a good wife and this is now the third shirt I have sewn him in the last couple of years ( as well as one T-shirt this summer ) . It is Kwik Sew 3422 again ( really I can see no need for another shirt pattern for him - shirt patterns for myself is an entirely different matter !)
I used some gray and white cotton shirting from Clear It in Melbourne that I purchased only a couple of months ago. I could not tell the difference between the right and wrong sides ( admittedly my eyes are getting fuzzy but I don`t think there was a difference ) and it felt very smooth  . I only paid $10.50 for the material - a great bargain for such quality. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more shirting fabrics like this.
This is a great pattern . I love that they have separate collar pieces for the under and top collar pieces. The front button band is simple and just turned under twice . They have the great yoke instructions where the seams are all enclosed . This   is what I appreciate about Kwik Sew Patterns - I hope the new ownership keeps that up . Again I would highly recommend this pattern. I am so proud of this shirt I would have a gender  transplant to wear it !

Well the good news is now I have sewn the Paris Lace, the Tokyo charmeuse and the Melbourne Cotton I can now get on with some serious selfish stashbusting sewing ( SSSS) for me. Cheers Janine.

Spot the camouflaged pocket  .

Dang I am proud of that collar .


  1. Very impressive sewing Janine. Your daughter and husband have beautifully made shirts. Clear It is one of my favourite bargain fabric destinations along with Rathdowne Fabrics.

  2. Well your halo is definitely shining! I am jealous you found such great shirting fabric for such a bargain price. I need to look for some too as I would love to make a shirt for my DH and sons. (I have made one for my eldest son before).

  3. Some gorgeous sewing efforts here - your husband's shirt is sharp and crisp,and DD's pretty blouse is lovely - it is a nice pattern - NL have some very nice blouses and shirts, always very wearable.

  4. Nice work on the collar - I would be proud of that too.

  5. Lovely blouse, nice shirt and a great job on the collar. Now where's yours ;)

  6. Beautiful shirts! Your DD's is very pretty. And a very nice collar on the striped one too. I'm always interested in what patterns and reviews others do for male shirt sewing. Like you, I have a hubby I sew business shirts for (but it usually takes me several months of procrastinating after the initial promise to actually get started each time). I think sewing shirts for others is the ultimate selfish sewing, especially men's shirts because there is so many details you need to get perfect. I've been through a few men's shirt patterns so far looking for the right one, but after my last shirt, I think I found the right collar shape but am now still in search of a different might have a look at yours.

  7. Wow, these are wonderful

  8. Lucky family! Both these shirts look very smart. The shirting fabric sounds like a real bargain.
    You've done such a great job on the bib front. I find these very tricky to fit.

  9. I agree with Karen - your family is very lucky. I always fear the biting criticism of the item not being worn.The shirt for your husband is very expertly made - looks like a bought one.


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