Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simplicity 2923 - In the Red .

Obstinence rather than common sense resulted in me sewing a summer dress in winter.
Fabric makes it way from my main stash to a little basket in my sewing room to the machine and then the wardrobe.
This fabric had been in the basket since October last year and I was determined there would be no retrograde flow with this one.
I used Simplicity 2923 , part of the Pattern Runway collection from 2008 and previously made into a much used yellow print dress .

The fabric is a splotchy aqua/ teal  drapey rayon with floral outlines from deep stash and another lucky find at an op shop .
The pattern is a button front dress and I used the notched collar bodice and flared skirt options.
I had 2.9 metres of fabric and only just had enough. I had to piece the fabric to get the pockets and two of the bodice fronts. In the end I eliminated the pockets because they looked terrible - bagging out and making my hips look huge AND cut over 20cm away from the skirt because it looked a bit frumpy. I had some trouble getting the notched collar right but apart from this sewing the dress went smoothly and the fabric was a dream to sew with . However I suspect that this fabric will not be sturdy because I have sewn with similar pieces in the past  and little holes seem to appear quickly .  With the cut off fabric I might in the future made a matching belt with one of my hoarded belt kits that I keep on buying  .
I` m happy with the dress now - I think the fabric shows off the blouson effect of the bodice nicely and looks a bit vintage styled as well.

With this project more fabric has now officially left the stash than has come in   I am in the red .
Echoing Lynley Dodds*  bossy little warthog character  " Eee " squealed the fabric hog  "Snip, Pin , Sew " and slowly the fabric stash went down and down .

Lynley Dodds is a NZ childrens author  famous for Hairy McClary but our favourite book of hers was Sniff, Snuff , Snap about a bossy little warthog.


  1. "makes it way from my main stash to a little basket in my sewing room". That made me laugh out loud as I have the exact same hierarchical process in my sewing room. Lovely dress and very nice fabric. Great job.

  2. Nothing wrong with sewing out of season. A very nice dress and I'm interested to see any belts that you make.

  3. I often think I should sew out of season, as I sew as the need arises, and by the time I've finished..the need has passed.Great dress!

  4. I am sewing out of season too, but just think, we will have things to wear when the season starts. And it's a great feeling finally finishing that thing you have meant to sew for years. It's a lovely fabric and dress, and is going to be so nice to wear. Well done on turning the tide on the stash...

  5. I was excited to see your dress as I have the pattern in my collection and this type of dress would be right in season for me now. It looks wonderful on you. Such a pretty print and I can't believe you have a belt that matches perfectly.


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