Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Tale of Two Twinsets .


Using a combination of the Style Arc Abby Cardy and Kwik Sew 2965 and a cream lace knit .
I`ve made the Abby Cardy before but the top was a new sew. I was wearing this set to work a little while ago and someone commented that they hadn`t seen a twin set for years !  Well I suppose they haven`t been in fashion what since the 50s ? Another great reason to sew - you can wear what you want and not be dictated to by a higher fashion authority .


This twinset was made using Vogue 8559 a Marcy Tilton pattern. I used a lovely slubby capuccino coloured knit but as there was not enough to make both pieces I had to use a remnant of a spotty knit. I have only worn this twice since making this a year ago ! Once when I had finished sewing it and for the photos.

The cream twin set works I think because both garments are made from the same fabric , the cream suits me and both garments are a flattering length.
The brown twinset fails on so many levels. I only had one metre of the  brown knit ( but the fabric was extra wide - at 200cm !) and was just trying to do too much with  too little  . The colour is not so complimentary and the cardigan is just too short and finishes where the widest part of me starts . I could not find a suitable trim so I used a dark brown lace ( which again is lovely ) which was too stiff . Also the spotty contrast tank  is just too much . It`s a pity because the brown knit is actually quite good and every image I have seen of this pattern made up looks great .

I love twinsets as part of my wardrobe because they really do reduce dressing thinking time in the mornings. Each time I wear them it saves precious seconds ( and as you get older those seconds get more precious !)

Happy Sewing Janine.


  1. You are a brave woman Janine. The cream twinset is a winner for all the reasons you mentioned. Maybe the back of the brown cardi can be altered to gather the knit into a shorter, smoothed out band of lace?

  2. I don't think you have a fail here, I think you have a success that needs a little modification.
    I wonder if the spotty contrast is too much high contrast for you – what would you think about dipping the top into a tea-bag bath dye to tone it down a little bit.
    I think the lace distorts the back – do you have any more of the fabric you used on the fronts and neck and use that instead of the lace. Or no edging at all.
    Vancouver Barbara

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  4. Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely remove the lace but there is no fabric left to use as a trim so I will have to try something else but it needs to be soft. I have always wanted to try tea dying so I will have a go at that .After all I have nothing to lose and I do really like the slubby brown knit.

    1. Take a look at Marcy Tilton's website. One of her staff, I believe, made the same little jacket and used a very thin, sheer contrasting fabric almost as a peplum. It really looks delightful. It might work for your coffee jacket too though it would make the back longer.
      Let us know your solution(s)!
      Vancouver Barbara

  5. Agree, the ivory twin set is a winner - and much more classic than the coffee set. I think separating these pieces would be a good idea - each piece is lovely. The cardigan may work better over a summer dress where the finishing line is not so important. The top may get a new partner one day- and you may have something already around. Agree that the lace could come off and something softer in its place would look great.

  6. I am also a big fan of the ivory one. The twinset looks great on you. The Abby cardi is one of my favourites and a staple in my wardrobe.

  7. I like both sets on you. The brown looks better from the front than the back.

  8. I love the ivory set and think the coffee set is worth fiddling with. I also had difficulty with the cardi in that pattern, but the shell is a favorite of mine.


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