Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Sentimental Story about Super Power Fabric !

Most of my fabric stories read as ` See fabric I like , buy it , put it in my cupboard , several years later think gosh that fabric has been there a while , pull it out , cut out and sew `. The story behind this piece of fabric is very similar except for how I came to buy it.
In April 2009 my then 12 year old  middle daughter had to have back surgery . I was allowed to come into the operating theatre and sat with her while the anaesthetist administered a relaxant . He asked her what the name of her boyfriend was and as she opened her mouth to reply she ` fell asleep` . I was  bundled out of the room and then had to fill in 8 hours while she had her surgery ! I was very anxious and did not want to go far just in case . I could have gone to my family`s houses but it would take about 20 minutes to drive back to the hospital ( In Melbourne terms that is just around the corner the traffic is so bad there ).
Only a couple of minutes walk away there is a main street with lots of good shops. After filling in a couple of hours I found a Vinnies shop. Now at the time I really wanted to sew a pussy bow blouse but there were no current patterns available ( there seems to be heaps now ) . To my delight I found a vintage Simplicity pattern for a pussy bow blouse in my size( the op shop only had about 6 patterns ) . And also two really nice pieces of fabric , the silk of my top and some olive linen . I thought the sewing gods were looking after me and that this was a sign everything would be OK with my daughter. Now my anxiety free state lasted about 30 minutes before I started to think what a ridiculous thought that this was a positive sign.
In the end everything was OK . This was the first of two 6-7 hour surgeries she had to have and we somehow got through it .
Now the sewing gods may have been on my side when I purchased this lovely  fabric but they were against me when sewing it !

I used an Ottobre pattern I have used before , a simple little kimono top . This pattern does not need much fabric but I didn`t have much either - 1.2 metres  , 95cms wide . Add to that , in the middle of one end of the piece was a honking big gold painted advertisement Three Golden Somethings ( I can`t remember what crowns ? rings ? bananas ? )However I did a rough check and it seemed OK , so I cut out a piece , chop, chop , chop and then put the other main piece on but it didn`t fit. Oh that`s alright I just have the fabric the wrong way . Um no ! I didn`t have enough . Luckily I had cut the front piece out first ( just luck not forethought ) so I managed to piece the back and bias binding strips  together with scraps  ( with three golden written on my shoulder ) .

I don`t think it is too noticeable and I can`t see it so that`s all that counts !
Then when I was snipping the curves I cut into  the main fabric of the top . I never do that ! I ironed on some mending patch stuff and embroidered a little leaf over the cut to make it stronger .

I just wanted to include a close up of the fabric too . I really love this material and it has been in the very precious to use category . It has taken a while to work what pattern to use because I thought I would have to buy something else to make up a complete garment. Also  I find that after fabric has sat in the  cupboard for a while it  seems easier to sew it up.

Despite all my sewing mistakes I really love this top which is a good follow up to my last ` blah` project .
It matches lots of skirts , pants and cardigans I own . The top itself is comfy with a little bit of ease for growing room and of course it has a sentimental background  . Does anyone else have sentimental feelings  towards their fabrics or think they have super powers ?
Happy Sewing Janine.


  1. the fabric is lovely and the sentimental value just makes the top that much nicer!

  2. I get attached to fabrics too. It can make them harder to cut into, but I enjoy the little trip down memory lane they inspire. I often get a piece of fabric as my souvenir on vacation. The memories make it twice as fun to sew. Super cute top and lovely colors. You've done this fabric proud!

  3. I am so like you with my stash. Your lovely fabric pattern reminds me of a fabric I made my now 19 year old daughter a little girls dress out off when she was 4 - the fabric was inherited from my grandmothers stash.
    I love a good stash- the fabric gives you joy when it goes in, while it stays there, when you sew it, as you wear it and later as you reminisce about it. Joy to the power of five!

  4. You look so chuffed in your photo. I have SO many pieces of fabric that have a story.... and I also want to believe the "message" that it was meant to be. I like Sewingelle's "Joy by the power of 5"! I should really take more advantage of my Ottobre magazines too.

  5. Your top is lovely. That fabric was meant to be showcased and a simple line does it best. I have done many "amendments" to fabric and pattern over the years and your little applique does it so well. Glad you found a great use for this special piece of fabric.

  6. Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments. They have made me realise even more how sentimental the fabric is ! Summer I would love to hear your fabric stories as you sew them up. Elle , it is so true isn't about the joy our fabric brings and as Summerflies said you put it so well .

  7. Lovely top with such sentiment, it's easy to see why it's so special. So glad your daughter is fine and all was successful for her. Special fabric paralyzes me to an unhealthy degree and the stress it puts me through when I finally get the courage to cut it is awful. Need to get over that as those are the garments that are such a joy to wear. :)


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