Saturday 14 December 2019

BurdaStyle 04/2019 Ruffled Garden Tea Party Dress

I`ve made a new summer dress -  flowy soft rayon in a loose comfy style . Just tell that to our current weather . While WA melts , NSW burns , parts of Queensland is getting mega hail stones and severe droughts we are still getting very cool and wet weather . I`m not complaining though .
This is dress 120 from April 2019 Burda , a ripper of an issue . I love so many styles in this magazine and this dress wasn`t even one of them but I fell in love with it when I saw a couple of great versions on the internet .

It is a  loose fitting  button front dress with dropped shoulders , low placed waist seam and ruffled hems and sleeves . It turns out I am a partial ruffle person - love the hem ruffles but not the sleeves so obviously I didn`t add them which turned out to be an extra bonus later on .
This dress is an easy sew but Burda was not very clear on adding the ruffles to the hems - you do need to set the gathered ruffled portion back from the front bands ( which are not sewn on separately ) . I didn`t set mine back far enough so my front ruffle side seam does not meet the side seam of the dress but I`m not fussed about these kind of things ( if I was then there would be very few clothes in my wardrobe ) . The dress really is loose fitting and needs a belt to give it any shape.

The fabric is from Spotty - a rayon called Garden Tea Party .  I was lucky and bought the last of the roll which was about 4 metres .  I managed to cut out my dress from about 2.5 metres so had enough leftover to make a pair of short PJs for youngest DD who thought the fabric was really pretty too.  ( so no chance of our wearing matching mother - daughter outfits ). It is a  bit slippery to work with and can stretch out too but the soft , cool feel and the heaps of great prints outweigh that .
I know the super hot weather is about to hit us too but I think I`ll be a prepared as I can in this dress.  Highly recommend .


  1. A lovely dress, Janine. When our summer eventually arrives, you'll be ready.

  2. Snap! I have just finished this dress and in Spotty rayon. You are right it is oversized. I found it too much do and ran it in.


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