Monday, 9 April 2012

Interlining - Baby Steps for the Feathered Frock.

I am hoping by posting some progress this will  me keep on track so this project doesn`t turn into a prolonged saga . I am making some little progress after a bit of procrastination . I didn`t really know what the next step was after cutting out the fabric and I think I have built this dress  up in my mind that it has to be perfect and I didn`t want to make any mistakes. It is now obvious to me but the next step after cutting was to interline the fabric. The sewing gods were on my side and I found some very very fine cotton bastiste in my large scrap bag which was perfect.
The interlining is performing several jobs at once - 1. the fabric is no longer see through, 2. it is making the sewing of this fabric easier and 3. it is providing a little more structure and support without really changing the characteristics of my fabric.
Interlining was not hard but did  add a bit of extra time with all the hand basting - I have only interlined the front bodice and back bodice and midriff band pieces. I will not add interlining to the skirt portions but will line this . I actually enjoyed the hand sewing -very relaxing and pleasant - made me feel like I was in  a Jane Austen novel except I was websurfing at the same time  instead of discussing marriage prospects  .
I recently bought the Threads DVD Archive and read a very thorough indepth article on interlining.
I have only gone through briefly a few issues so far -there is so much information  there . A very worthwhile purchase and the DVD was delivered to Australia so quickly - I was expecting to wait a month or so.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter . Cheers Janine.


  1. The beginnings are looking lovely! I have never interlined - is that where you pretty much treat two layers as one? As opposed to lining which is sort of a separately made then attached thing?

  2. yes that is exactly right - once I basted the bastiste and georgette together they are just treated as one layer.

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing the dress completed - the fabric is just so lovely.

  4. You are on the right track to interline this dress. I'm looking forward to how it turns out - which will be lovely of course.
    Thank you for the kind words on my top. I sometime rummage through the bolts at the cutting desk so that I don't miss out on any 'hot' prints.
    Cheers :)

  5. Your fabric is so beautiful, and I'm sure all the care in interlining will pay off with a really lovely dress.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my new pj pants.
    You have a lovely friend to give you a silk dressing gown. I'm sure it would look gorgeous with your comfy pj's too :)


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