Wednesday, 25 April 2012

McCalls 6110 - Feminine Feathered Frock Finally.

This dress has been in the making for a LONG time . I normally get a bit tired of projects that go on too long and  I mainly enjoyed the process but I am glad it is over .

This is McCalls 6110 - gathered bodice, racer style back, upper front band and gathered skirts  with a tie . I did not add the apron thingy.
Made of a sheer feather print georgette from Ebay  , bodice interlined with a  very fine cotton bastiste and the skirt portion is lined with sunsilky from Lincraft.
I used a few tips and tricks researched from the internet, Threads and Australian Stitches to make life easier in sewing this slippery fabric.
I pretreated the fabric using unflavoured gelantine - this definitely helped alot in the cutting and sewing . ( you can read my previous post for details about this ).
I used paper underneath the fabric whilst cutting out as well.
I used sharps needles instead of the universal type.
My sewing machine I am currently using has a built in walking foot which I think helped .
I interlined the bodice with bastiste which reduced the slipperiness .

I like this pattern overall although it is very loose fitting - If I make it again I will make the  front narrower . The front is not too low and revealing and the straps and racer back style hide bras. It is a good balance between not being too frumpy or too tarty I suppose( I am a bit old fashioned I admit ). I hope I don`t get in trouble for this but the back also covers up my middle DD`s scars from spinal surgery.
I really like the construction process - the inner seams are completely enclosed so it looks pretty on the inside as well. There is a bit of hand stitching involved but I don`t mind this.
This is the front inside portion.
Inside the back of the dress.
Overall I think this is the nicest garment I have ever sewn. About 98% of this dress could withstand a thorough stickybeak  from other sewists ( my machine rolled hems are a little wonky in one area ) and sewing this gave me great confidence in my skills. If I take the time to do the extra little steps it makes a difference and these extra steps are not hard in themselves - only time consuming.
Normally I like to see clothes on a real person so Daffy the Duck(t) tape model will have to do for now ( She is new by the way - very exciting for me .)

Now I am very sorry to be moribund but I can`t help but write this. It is my nature and my job to reach out and try to  help people. Just over two weeks ago our bestest and dearest friend took his own life. I will never really be able to make sense of this .He had financial problems but they were short term only and not bad enough that he would be bankrupted . We knew he was unhappy and he was receiving help from professionals and his many  family and friends who loved him and supported him  but we did not realise how deeply distressed he was - he did conceal it well. There were some subtle signs but only in retrospect did they become significant and no one person had access to all the  signs to put them together . BTW he was married with three children aged 15 to 20.
So if you are having trouble then reach out and get help and tell someone how you REALLY  feel.
If you know someone having trouble then reach out to them and let them know there is help .
Suicide only makes things worse , not better . Family and friends never recover fully from this and sometimes go on to develop their own problems. Sorry about that.
Take care and cheers . Janine.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, that is sad news.

    Your dress looks lovely, I love that feathery fabric

  2. The dress is beautiful. I strongly suggest that you do not hand it over to DD the second before receiving the signed modelling photography for the blog agreement, and make sure there is a clause permitting more than one photograph to be taken;)

    How horrible for your friend's family.

  3. Janine, I am so sorry for the terrible time you and your friends and family are going through. What a sad sad situation, especially for his poor children :(
    The feather dress is just beautiful.

  4. Oh Janine, that is very sad about your friend and I think it is right of you to say something here, who knows who may be feeling like that at any point in time?

    The dress is just beautiful, I was really looking forward to the end result. I agree with kbenco - don't let it out of the house without a photograph of it being worn!

  5. Janine, my sympathy for you, and all, who were close to the poor friend who committed suicide. I especially feel for his family-what a legacy to leave. Thank you though, for reminding your readers about the effects of such a drastic action, and that help is available for depression.

    The dress! It's beautiful and the overall design is really nice. I love that you stated it might be your best sewing yet. Wow!

  6. I loved the comment about this dress withstanding another sewist giving it a good eyeball. I am ashamed to say that I am that kind of sewer - I do pick up and examine other's stitching! It looks like a beautiful dress and I'm sure it looks lovely on too.

    So sorry about your friend, how awful for him to live with such level of despair and so sad for his family now that he has gone. Condolences.

  7. Thank you for sharing this- both your beautiful dress and your own feelings about a very sad event. You will never know how many people saw this and needed it.

  8. Janine the dress looks great - a lovely job well done.
    I'm sorry for the sadness and hurt you and your friend's family are going through now. A friend of 30 years took his own life about 9 months ago and it is a very confusing time for everyone. He did not have financial problems but money is rarely the real reason. I find at times I go from sad to confused to just plain angry - at him and also at myself for not being a better friend (even though he lives in another state, and even if it not a rational thought). My best to you and his family. One day at a time.


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