Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Butterick 5523 - Black and White and Red All Over.

I am getting to the last of my  winter sewing now. I bought this soft viscose lycra knit earlier this year and had a hard choice with what to do with it - there were a few patterns I wanted to resew  but I finally chose Butterick 5523 . I sewed this a few years ago  using an animal print and loved the result but the fabric was not really my thing . 
This dress is really comfy . I wore it to work today and it felt like I was wearing nothing ! 
It is also very easy  to  sew - in fact the hardest thing about this dress was taking the photos using the self timer .  I had returned home from work and wanted to take photos before I ate lunch - a sure fire recipe for disaster with me - eating and wearing my work clothes - guaranteed stains and slops . I took heaps of photos and this is the best one and only because I have the top 1/2 of my cute  little dog in it  ( Don`t be fooled by his appearance  though - he`s a little ratbag but I love him ) . 

tried to show a closer up shot of the pleats and fabric. 

Back to the sewing - as I said it is a very easy pattern - a draped collar , fitted above waist bodice with pleats in the front and back skirt and small pleats in the sleeves where they meet the shoulder seams. 
I did make a few changes with this pattern - I raised the neckline by 3cm , lengthened the sleeves by several cms so they would be full length and also lengthened the skirt ( but I could probably shorten it again ) .
The end result is the my kind of clothing - comfortable and relaxed but I think smart enough for my  work. Anyway I am now in the home stretch for sewing my winter jacket and then I am dreaming about sewing an easy bright cheerful summer tunic . 

Cheers Janine
PS - I saw this same fabric available on the knitwit website . 


  1. This pattern is one I keep eyeing off and never buying but now I've seen it made up in this fabric, I want one! What a perfect winter dress with tights and boots. It looks great on you!

  2. Thanks Carol. I wish I could take better pictures because there are some nice little details on this dress but they would be hard to see anyway because of the print.

  3. Janine - this dress is fantastic and you look lovely in it. Congratulations. It sure looks comfy too. I know what you mean about esting with slops and spills - i'm renown for wearing my food! Went out for tea last Saturday night and managed to dribble gravy down my nice white shirt!

  4. This is a very lovely dress Janine. Hopefully there will be enough cool days still left this year for you to get some wear out of it.

  5. I have this pattern in my stash, and have never sewn it. Not sure why, because I really like it. Your version looks terrific. And I can't believe that cutie of a dog is a ratbag - surely not!

  6. I have made this dress before and I agree, it is super comfortable to wear. Isn't it great when workwear and comfort meet!

  7. The gorgeous little ratbag could almost upstage you, but not quite :).

    I've always wondered how this pattern makes up - I have always liked it. It really does look very smart - and comfy too, a real win.

    Hmm, I thought I was the only sloppy one!! Glad to know I have lots of good company !


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