Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Without respect we have wars, violence, abuse,  infidelity, self-harm, bullying, incivility .
With respect we can have peace, safety, love, acceptance no matter who we are , where we are , what we do.
I pray for respect in our sad  world gone mad.


  1. Unfortunately, many terrorists do not feel as though the world is worthy of respect. Or perhaps they themselves feel disrespected? At some point, a real person decides to go over to the dark side amd lose their identidy in ideology. I am struggling with rage and hopelessness, as well as guilt for being old enough to be thankful I won't see much of what comes next.

  2. What a different perspective. If people respect themselves they can then respect others.

  3. My father always said that war was a madness that sweeps all away in it's path (he went through WW2 and the Cold War - which was very real, for those involved in it, as he was). I hope this is not a taste of what may come. I pray for that.

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  4. Let's hope that cool heads rather than hot heads will prevail.

  5. Thankyou for your comments. I too hope that we are not facing a descent into war.


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