Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why You Should Not Stash Fabrics !

I have had this piece of light weight denim for about  20 years now . It has been either stored in a covered basket ( when my stash was small ) or in various cupboards ( as my collection grew ) . It has always been kept away from the light . 
Check out that serious fabric foldline fading ! 
This was leftover from making a shirt that well never made it to a shirt. I  kept on sewing the patch pockets unevenly and was so totally frustrated I threw the project out . I remember that so well such was the frustration ! However I kept the large scraps and the sleeves which are in pieces ( I don`t know why ) because it is lovely soft smooth fabric and I paid a decent price for it. 

I was going to sew a knipmode tunic out of this . The tunic is made up of lots of pieces - the sleeves and back are from two pieces and the front from three pieces so I was hopeful that I could juggle all these small pieces onto my irregular scrap. Alas despite my best efforts I could not get those pieces to fit the fabric. Sigh. So again laziness made me turn to an  old pattern that I have made many times and I knew did not take much material. 

I may be trying to reduce my fabrics but I keep hold of old patterns. I bought this one about 10 years ago because I loved the white lace version on the front . Of course I have not recreated that look but I have now made this pattern up three times and I still do intend to make the white lace top. 

To get all the pieces on I had to cut the back from two pieces of material and I barely had any seam allowance. Trying to overlock that seam nicely was impossible so I used a fancy stitch and matching embroidery thread to sew down those seams. 
Then I repeated the stitching along the front neckline and bodice seams. 

I know some people would think why bother sewing with such faded fabric but it really is lovely and soft and as I have probably written before  I do not like waste . I am just calling this my shabby chic top :).
So this is just about the last of my really old fabric I have now . 
But please learn a lesson from me - do not stash fabrics ( well at least not for 20 years ) .


  1. You could overdye if this happens again...lovely top and I love the shabby chic look.

  2. I like your solution - you have created something that would not otherwise have been made. It's really pretty - and good idea to use a TNT for something that was a bit of a tease to cut out. I have found fold lines on some of my stash as well, but I don't think that will put me off stashing, unfortunately. I have learnt to hang line as that really does not fold well at all. And it is expensive to ruin :)

  3. Oops.. too late. I must check my beautiful linens... I have some plans for them this year so better get onto them. I'd rather make a bad dress than nothing! Great save of your fabric however! I like the embroidery on the top too

  4. Thanks for the salutary lesson! You've made a nice top from an unpromising start.

  5. You wouldn't even know it came from the same fabric. Great save! I really like the embroidery and you should make the lace version, it is lovely!

  6. I think the fade lines add to it..and good denim is worth using at any stage of it's career..
    I once lost a piece of precious houndstooth wool to moths because I stashed it too long in a closet shelf..lesson learnt!


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