Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Use Your Precious Fabric - Just Do It !

My latest project was totally inspired by the board on Pattern Review  discussing using our precious fabric. My coral / red / cream tweedy boucle is with no doubt my best fabric .I love the colours and  the texture and to top it off , it was my souvenir from my one and only trip to France in 2013 . 
I always thought to make a skirt using a TNT pattern but when I laid out the pattern pieces there was so much more fabric than I thought . The fabric was 150 cm wide ( I thought it was 120cm ) and the shopkeeper had been generous with the cut giving me extra ! This was good and bad news because it meant I had to rethink the whole project and make a muslin . 
I already have a handmade winter work  version of a pinafore which I wear heaps and this gave me the idea to make a warm weather one . 

 I chose this pinafore from September 2012 Burda Style ,a ripper of an  issue . So many patterns I want to make from it .  It has a deep V neck with front bust darts and inset pockets . The top part is lined .
I made only two changes . I lengthened the skirt pieces and opted to fully line the garment . 

I was very lucky and found some matching lining fabric at the opshop . It had pura seta printed on the selvedge and when I googled this found it meant silk in Italian - bonus ! 
The pinafore was very easy to sew and as the V neck is deep there is no need for a zip to get it on and off . I love the little bonus front pockets but if I make this again I would make the pockets deeper although I can  store a hanky in them. 

 This was a great project to follow up my coat which took ages to sew . I really do not know why I put off sewing my precious Parisian  fabric for so long because once I cut into it , it was really easy . So if you have any fabrics which you are saving because it is so special then I encourage you to just do it - go cut it out and sew it up.  

I will  finish with another picture of my babies - they are getting bigger .The lamb in the background with the brown head and white body ( I call her ChocTop ) is only 2 1/2 weeks older than the twins ( but twice as big ) . 
Happy Sewing Janine. 


  1. so pretty - I'm crazy for those pockets, not often seen but they add so much interest to a garment. Your babies are so cute!!

  2. Great use of your precious fabric. I'm sure you will enjoy wearing this and be reminded of your trip to France every time you put it on.

  3. Love that pinafore. The colours are gorgeous. Lucky op shop find!

  4. Thats wonderful. And an excellent reminder to cut into those fabrics that I'm hoarding. I'm a fan of this issue of Burda too.
    Love the babies.

  5. I am guilty of hoarding some precious Paris fabric too . You've inspired me to get it it out. Your pinafore looks great!

  6. That's good advice Janine as we do purchase fabric to make something with it! Your pinafore is lovely.

  7. Wise words on sewing the precious stuff in the stash. I have a length of silk I bought at Mood in New York in 2012, and have been procrastinating over the pattern for four years! Definitely need to get cracking with that one!

  8. Oh yes! I have a piece of silk my mil gave to me for my birthday last year that I haven't made up for that reason. I really must do it!

    Your dress is really pretty. The fabric is a lovely colour.

  9. A worthy use of such a lovely fabric - practical and pretty. I agree with you, we really do seem to shy away from using our more highly regarded stash. The older we get, I think the more we have to question this behaviour! The lambs are gorgeous...

  10. What a beautiful result and beautiful message. We deserve to use our best, a lesson I am trying to incorporate thought my home.


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