Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Burda Style Vs Ottobre Design.

Burda skirt , Ottobre top . In real life I will not tuck in the tops .  

I have just recently finished sewing a skirt from Burda Style and a top from Ottobre Design and it was interesting for me to note some differences between the two European sewing magazines .

First up the skirt is from Burda Style September 2012 ( the same one I made my pinafore from ) .
It is a slightly A line skirt with a single inverted front pleat . It does not  have a waist band, is fully lined and has a side zip . There are only two pattern pieces !
The back story to sewing this skirt is a family trip to see our daughter in Queensland. We were standing waiting to board the plane and my eldest and youngest daughter were discussing my clothes - I was wearing an old denim skirt and even older knit top . A lady just in front must have been listening as she turned around looked me  up and down and smiled but in a nice way as she caught my eye . That is when I realised I was being talked about and heard what they were saying . I admit I was feeling pretty frumpy in that skirt so I pledged to make a new denim skirt . I have had the material for yonks - it looks like denim but is not .

 It is so easy to make but I made a change by not lining the skirt and finishing off the waist band with grosgrain - after all who wears a lined denim skirt ! I also added a button tab to top . In the end though my pretend denim skirt is a little scratchy so I may need to wear a petticoat with it ! The upside is that this fabric ironed like a dream - that pleat came up really nice and sharp and sewed easily.

Now the Ottobre top. This the the ` Kimono ` top from the Spring/Summer 2016 Issue. The magazine was for sale at a local newsagent and as I have never seen one before I couldn`t resist buying it. It is another simple garment to make just  having two main pieces and bias binding strips to finish the neck and armholes. It has slightly dropped shoulders , flared sides and front darts. 

I cut the fabric for the top out on a Friday night and sewed it up the next day . It has been a long time since I sewed anything in one day but again the top was so easy to make. The fabric was given to me by my eldest daughter after her travels to Japan 4 years ago. 

Now the comparison between the magazines . The burda patterns are easier to trace as the different sizes have different dots/ dashes to distinguish them. The ottobre patterns are all the same coloured solid lines . There were places where it took me a while to work out where to trace the top . Ottobre does include hem allowances but not side seam allowances . The bias binding pieces including all seam allowances were also printed out. Burda does not include any hem or seam allowances and you have to make your own pattern pieces for simple rectangles etc. 
The instructions for the ottobre top were very clear and easy whereas sometimes Burda instructions can be a bit goobledygook. 
The Ottobre magazine cost me $22.50 compared to Burda Style ( I bought one of those too on the same day ) which was $17.50 . There are more designs in the Burda and the patterns in Ottobre seemed quite basic . Lots of basic shift dresses which I already have patterns for .I did like another peplum type top in the Ottobre , a pleated dress/jumpsuit and some pants . There was also a useful T shirt which I will make up some day. 
Overall I prefer the Burda and  will need a bit convincing to buy another Ottobre magazine . 

Lastly I would like to thank my photography assistants for today - the supervisor and the photographer`s socks. 


  1. Your new outfit is very nice! I love the skirt and it fits so well. And the top will be such a staple!

    I sew tons of Burda but have yet to sew from Ottobre but that will change this month. Thank you for the comparison!

  2. I also appreciate your comparison. I have a couple of Ottobre magazines but haven't used them yet. I probably won't buy any more either because I just can't decide that they are worth it.

    Your skirt and top are cute. Now you can go travel in style! ;)

  3. Very pretty top and it works very well with your new skirt too. I have never sewn with Ottobre or Burda Style so your thoughts on these were very informative.

  4. Both are lovely new garments - and with spring coming, guaranteed to get lots of wear soon. I have never purchased Ottobre - I look at the website from time to time, but can't see much that I have not already got in my stash. I used to buy Burda regularly, but they don't seem to have styles I like as much nowadays. Or maybe it's me that has changed!

  5. What a cute top and skirt! Really like the way you finished the waistband on the skirt and that is a technique I want to try soon. Enjoyed reading about Ottobre vs. Burda's differences. As an Ottobre fan, am in my second year of buying the Women's Design issues. Also, love Burda magazine and (finally!) broke down and subscribed for their monthly issues this year, even though the subscription rate is expensive for the U.S. Neither issue can be purchased locally anywhere near where I live, so feel these are a 'treat' to me. My biggest problem, is that I am a slow sewer and cannot keep up with all the goodness I find in each magazine! :)

  6. Thankyou. I am glad my comparison was useful! Lisa I am slow too. So many things I want to make .


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