Friday, 20 January 2017

Burda Style 11/2012 . A Warm Snuggy Pullover in Summer !

Last year I made a pledge to myself that I would sew my 2016 fabric acquisitions in 2016 . A friend joked that I would be crazily sewing at 11.59 New Years Eve . Well , not quite because I like having flexi-solutions not resolute- lutions . But this pledge does explain why I have sewed a ` woolly jumper ` in Summer . I bought this knit late last year - another op-shop find so of course I couldn`t resist at $3.00 plus I have never seen fabric like this before. It has a fuzzy print on the outside with a smooth plain wrong side with only a small degree of stretch. I liked the abstract print in neutral colours too .
To fulfill another pledge to use my un-used patterns I found a pullover from Burda Style November 2012 which has been very popular. It is a very simple pullover , the main style aspect being the uneven width front and back hem bands which are sewn on separately.

This is a very popular patterns and checked out lots of reviews and took my fellow sewist`s advice. I made size 38 instead of my usual 40 , I did not add any seam allowances to the bottom thereby shortening the pullover slightly and raised the neckline by an inch . The neck line is still a little too low and I feel like the shoulders are a bit too wide but not too annoyingly so. The sleeves are longish but the narrow bands help to keep them off my hands. I didn`t use the bias binding for the neckline but  ironed on  fusible tape , turned this inside and stitched it down.

It was very easy and satisfying to sew and when the cooler weather arrives I will be able to warm my body and my soul with my home made jumper.
Happy Sewing Janine.


  1. Great jumper. I found something which might be similar in a fabric shop in Portugal, I bought a few remnants.

  2. How did I miss out on seeing this pattern. I'll have to hunt it down now. Needless to say I like your top!

  3. Nothing like getting a head start on Winter - it sneaks up quickly, I find. You are lucky to find such finds in the Op Shop - very rarely do I find things here. It's a great abstract print, and it must be a good feeling to tick another pattern off the list.

  4. Great fabric and you have nailed the fit! It looks just like the model! I plan on starting on my autumn wardrobe soon. There is nothing like being prepared!

  5. Thankyou all. I really enjoyed sewing this up .

  6. Lovely - that fabric is divine and your top is gorgeous. I just don't know how you can put it on in this heat!


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