Sunday, 3 September 2017

Learning to Trust Your Sewing Instincts .

I  wish I could have just shown this flattering photo of this sewing project but that wouldn`t have been right .

The truth is shown in the bottom photos .
I bought the fabric  from Spotlight on March the 7th 2006   - I found the docket tucked inside ! I know I liked it when I first got it and I had a RTW shirt made out of similar fabric which I wore to death but over the years I gradually became meh about it . Anne Whalley had a recent post about fabric having a use by date and I agree !  But despite my meh instincts about the pink stripey fabric labelled a vintage dobbie I went ahead and used a new to me but very old Burda pattern 8918 . I really liked the tie neck , bottom hem band and flouncy sleeves which are a nod to the current sleeve fashions and thought this might be enough to overcome the fabric shortcomings .

There are a few reviews about the place for this pattern and they mentioned too tight sleeves so I used a narrower seam allowance and found they were fine but as for the rest of the tunic , well  not fine ! I am barely a B and it was too tight around my bust - this just never happens to me . Also there is quite a bit of pooling  of fabric at the back and  again this is unusual . The arm holes are uncomfortable and the bias tie neckline sticks out .Also  I realise now that part of the reason I am meh about the actual fabric apart from the fact it has been in my cupboard for over 11 years is that it is perhaps a bit too close to my skin colour . This tunic is definitely in the give away pile but if I had listened to my instincts I would have just saved some precious sewing time and given it away .

On the plus side at least I didn`t use some precious fabric to make this up , I have trialled the pattern and will keep it for now ( perhaps I just have to accept that I need to make a larger size ), it was fun to sew  and I used the very last of my Spotlight fabric .
To lick my wounds I have followed up this project with a usually never fails pair of PJs. Happy to report success there. Hope everyone is well .Janine x


  1. Oh dear, a Meh all around. Always disappointing when that happens. Still, the fabric has now gone, and you know the problems with the pattern. Onwards with the simple restorative sew!

  2. I think, even though you weren't happy with this, that it looks cute on you! Just a tad more width on the bottom really! :) Nice warm colors in that fabric. ;)

  3. Trusting your instincts when it comes to sewing is a good thing. And occasionally testing those instincts, like you have with this sewing project, is also a good thing! It reinforces that your instincts are right!

  4. Thanks everyone. The tunic has gone to agood home now ( not that I don't have a good home ) . My daughter who lives in the tropics will take it as it fits her better to dag around the place in.

  5. That's good news that the tunic will still get worn so your time hasn't been wasted.

  6. Easily can see why you were drawn to both fabric and pattern as both are cute. Glad your cute tunic has found a home and you are on to other things. :)


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