Thursday, 7 September 2017

Purple Peta Pant Pyjamas .

 Over the years I have made lots and lots of pyjamas . In fact if I had one dollar for every pair I have made I would probably be a hundredollaraire . I have used patterns from Simplicity, Burda , McCalls , Vogue and Grainline . Grainline PJs are only short and the fit is good but most of the others are crazy big . You know pants that look like they come from one of those weight loss pictures with someone fitting both legs into just one and shirts which are long enough to actually be nighties.  So when  I found this lusciously soft Lincraft brand 100 % cotton lawn , 3 metres for $5 from the op shop I knew I wanted to make a new PJ set . However I knew it would be a tight fit to get both pants and a shirt with my usual PJ patterns.
I thought using  the Peta Pants from Style Arc might get me there as I have made these twice before ( neither of which made it onto my blog ) and they are a comfortable fit without being too big and baggy.

I was able to get the PJ set cut by using the 3/4 leg version and the shirt was made from a very old McCalls pattern 2764 . I have made the shirt a couple of times before too , over 10 years ago , and recall this was also nicely sized being comfortable but not too loose but didn`t remember how large the collar was ! I made the dartless version and it includes built in facings so it is relatively easy to sew as are the pants .

On the back of my recent tunic failure ( which has now gone to one of my daughters ) I decided to have a bit of fun making the PJs so I added lots of lace to the  hems and a pocket ,  mauve satin bias binding to prettify the pockets ( which no-one will see ) and mother-of - pearl buttons which I love and were the only ones I had to match anyway. These PJs will replace an older pair of another home made set which looked quite glamorous  but were made using some very nasty polyester which frayed , shredded at the seams and made me feel hot and sweaty . Before I could change my mind about getting rid of them I ripped the elastic out of the pants to use in my new set .
I don`t why I haven`t bought more Style Arc patterns because the two I have have been used multiple times and  I would definitely recommend this pattern for pyjamas and day wear pants . Well it is always good to follow up a failure with some success and my youngest daughter said even she would wear these.
PS I cross stitched the pillow on the chair back in  my teenage years when I knitted, macramed , latch hooked,  embroidered , long stitched , painted and sewed . Ahh the days before internet , work , children , animals and housework !
SO is there  anyone else  who likes sewing PJs as much as me ?


  1. Absolutely LOVE your new pair of pajamas!! That is a fantastic pant pattern and after looking at Style Arc's line drawing and description..... cannot believe it is made for a woven! The extra gathers and bulk around the waist from elastic waistbands and the hugeness you wrote about are beginning to bug me in the elastic waist patterns I have. Hmmmm need to think about this one. The little extras you added to this pair of pajamas really 'make' the set. :)

  2. Those jammies are glamourous. Hope you enjoy wearing them!

  3. Such a pretty fabric print and beautiful finishes. Just a lovely set. And they look comfortable, which is the most important. Well done.

  4. I enjoy sewing pyjamas too. If you use nice fabric it's easy to make up something much better than you can buy, and it's a great opportunity to get creative with trims. Very pretty pjs.

  5. They are really pretty! Yes I do make pyjamas. I have often admired the sets in Peter Alexander but the quality isn't very good generally so at least making my own I can get a quality finish. In fact I have plans for two more pairs for summer.

  6. These are just so pretty - and you are right, patterns for PJ's are just so huge, shapeless and baggy. These are just right, feminine and pretty.


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