Friday, 4 December 2015

Snakes And Flounces and Peplums and New Buttons - Simplicity 2501

I have combined four things in this blouse that I don't normally do such is the pull  of this great pattern. I have sewn  this once before years ago in what is my favourite fabric EVER - cream vintage silk with a self pattern of scattered bamboo, blossoms ,irises and chrysanthemums combined with a circular asian symbol. Seriously beautiful fabric but I treat the shirt with the respect it deserves and only wear it for special occasions ( by the way I bought the material at the op shop for $1 - crazy ! ).
So I have always wanted to make this again in a less special fabric and when I saw Marec's version this project pushed itself to the top of the list.

The snake print started off as a scarf so there was only  just enough to sew the sleeveless top. I have avoided snake prints because where I used to live we saw a few  snakes each summer with at least one next to our house. Now we have shifted I have only seen one in the last two years and it was dead! So the nightmarish memories of snakes are fading .Also I  am not usually a frilly/ flouncy kind of person but this flounce is understated and I think makes the blouse elegant. Same with peplums - I think they are hard to wear and carrying my weight around the middle I didn't think peplums would like me but this one being split in the centre seems to drape nicely and not protrude. Finally I had to buy buttons for this top . I can not remember the last time I had to do this  - it must be many , many years.
The end result is worth it though. This pattern has many lovely features apart from the peplum and flounce. It also has pleats giving  a relaxed blouson feel and a mid riff band. I love the tie neck and there are a couple of interesting sleeve variations too.

I would highly recommend this pattern but I think it is a more recent OOP.


  1. What a good use of a scarf. Fancy having just enough for a blouse. It does look good - I think with this soft fabric the peplum works. Like you, I am wary of peplums - a short waist and then a peplum does not sound a good idea. But having seen yours, maybe one day I will try one. Your is just delightful. Glad to hear you have moved away from an area that the snakes enjoyed. Scary.

  2. The colour and style of this blouse suit you to a T. It looks great.
    I'm with you on snakes. The one thing I don't enjoy about where we live is that it is Snake Central. We have a few snake sighting every year (and they seem to be increasing over the years). The latest snake sighting was a few weeks ago: a red-belly black snake on the verandah, as we were having afternoon tea. Not happy!

    1. I shudder reading that. I used to have nightmares about snakes and my children and later the dog.

  3. Your top is lovely and a great use of the scarf! Being a Kiwi, snakes are something we do not have to worry about. I do have an irrational fear of them though and actually managed to stand on one many years ago while visiting Malaysia.

  4. This top is showing your very fine sewing skills. It looks great and I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments when you wear it.

  5. That is very clever, getting a top from a scarf. Its lovely on you.


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