Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Vintage Simplicity 7601 - Blah Humbug .

I have managed to make another blah garment - the last for the year .
I liked the look of the pattern Simplicity 7601 from the 70s - dropped short kimono sleeves , open neck , fine pintucks on both the front and back , pullover style .

However it ended up being huge both in width and length and  had giant wings sticking up at the ends of the sleeves . I chopped off about 20cm in length and took in the sides by several cms which made a big difference . I resewed the sleeve hems which helped a little  but they still stick up .
The end result is perfectly wearable - a sombre top  suitable  for work which will match unoffensively with other plain skirts and pants but it doesn`t really ring any bells for me.
The one saving grace is the fabric is a lovely sand washed silk - a remnant from Rathdowne Remnants.

I am hoping my first sew of 2016 will be a happier one - a tunic from a Knipmode magazine using a pretty japanese themed bird/ floral rayon print from Spotlight. I have traced the pattern , cut out the fabric and made a start on the sewing.
I hope everyone has the Christmas that they are wishing for  and a happy and healthy New Year.


  1. Oh I have that pattern and try as I might I just can't let it go. I can't see past the blue outfit that looks like scrubs to me! Noted that it runs large. Merry Christmas to you Janine.

  2. LOL - I always toss my blah makes. Can't stand having them around haunting me. Happy Holidays!

  3. I've had some serious bloopers this year from 80's patterns too (unblogged!). They are just blah. Having said that I think your top is nice and you might like it if you let it rest at the back of the wardrobe for a while! Happy 2016, Val.

  4. I love it! It's very elegant and I think perfect for a work top on a hot summer day. But it is how you feel about the top that counts. Good luck with the 1st top of 2016.

  5. Janine, you've done well to save the top so you feel happy to wear it. I've lost count of the number of blahs I've made. All the best to you and your family over the holiday season.

  6. ha, I too have had my share of blah garments. One is still in my closet and I won't even wear it to the barn! Here is hoping 2016 brings more colorful and happy sewing.


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